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Sunday, November 05, 2006

DAMA Europe 2006 - Web 2.0 and Enterprise Data Management

I was at DAMA Europe 2006 in central London last week. I've been going for quite a few years now, and always find it thought-provoking. However there were some notable changes this year that were interesting.

The last couple of times I've spoken there it's been on more traditional Enterprise Data Architecture topics, which has been a good match - it is after all the largest independent Enterprise Data Management, Data Modelling, and Metadata Management event of the year. But this time I'd arranged with the organisers to do a bit of an off-the-wall topic drawing on Web 2.0 and asking what it might mean for Enterprise Data Management and Data Architectures.

In fact it seemed that there were similar messages starting to creep through into quite a few of the other presentations, which was very interesting. It seemed to represent a growing appreciation from some corners that the Enterprise Data Management community needs to think about managing information in ways beyond just the traditional consolidation, centralisation, replication and governance it has traditionally relied on.

I plan to put together some postings on the topics here, and having had several interesting conversations after the event with people that gave me some new ideas on how to structure this, I'd be interested to hear as well from others in the blogging community who have interests in this space.

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