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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Architect Insight 2007 Event

Matt Deacon of Microsoft UK and IASA UK has just blogged about how he's tried to construct Microsoft's Architect Insight Conference at Celtic Manor in March this year so that it is as interactive and inclusive as possible, with discussions and working groups that are deliberately intended to ask questions and work through issues rather than presenting predetermined solutions. I'm looking forward to this dynamic, it should produce some interesting results, it might reduce the level of death-by-powerpoint, and maybe even keep some of the 'spin' in check.

What's particularly unusual about this event is the breadth of the agenda, with work-streams covering a broad set of areas such as 'enterprisey' strategy issues like the one I'm speaking on, through web, security, and infrastructure, as well as the software design issues (that you'd perhaps expect from an MS -organised event). It makes for an interesting mix of perspectives.

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